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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hi all. My name is Jordan. I plan on watching at least 1 horror movie a day for the next year. I will post my reviews of each movie on this blog. Hopefully they will be informative and make you laugh. This will not be easy because sometimes life gets in the way, so I may enlist some friends to help when I am unable to watch a movie.

Once I get the ball rolling, I will take requests for movies. First review begins January 1st, 2012!

Some ground rules:
No "torture" movies. I don't need to see someone cut up for an hour and a half. I'm watching this to have fun, not be grossed out or made to feel massively uncomfortable.
No movies where people/animals were harmed in the filming
Subgeneres will be allowed, as long as there is an element of horror. ie: Slasher, sci-fi, thriller etc.
All films must be in English or have English subtitles.
I'm sure I'll think of more as I go on.

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