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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 57: Zombies Zombies Zombies

Zombies Zombies Zombies

There's no brain eating in the Champagne Room

Sometimes you just need to watch a stupid movie. You don't want to think, you don't want to get emotionally attached, you just want to watch some ridiculous. Horror seems to have a plethora of these types of movies, sometimes unintentionally. I was in one of these moods, but what movie to choose? How about one where it also goes by the title “Strippers vs. Zombies,”? Okay, I'm in.

Zombies Zombies Zombies follows a stripper named Harley on her first night at The Grindhouse strip club. She is incredibly awkward, but has a young daughter at home that she needs to support, so she must go through with the stripping. At the same time, Dr. Stewart is working on a cure for for cancer when he accidentally creates zombie-making crack rocks. A prostitute outside The Grindhouse smokes the necrodrugs and the flesh munching begins. Harley is joined by strippers Dallas, Dakota, Pandora, bouncer Chris, a few hookers and their pimp, Johnny “Backhand” Vegas to defend the strip club. Harley's brother Chris arrives to pick her up from the club and joins the fray. Johnny remembers hearing about the zombie creating drug so Chris and Dallas head to Dr. Stewart's lab to get the cure. Unfortunately, Dr. Stewart is killed by a zombie and Chris is accidentally injected with the cure. How will they be able to stop the zombies now that the cure is actually inside of Chris?

Well, at least the tips were good

You know right off the bat that this isn't intended to be an Oscar-winning movies. It's B (almost C) level all the way, but that's perfectly fine. Its strippers fighting zombies, simple as that. No need to get more complicated. Surprisingly, almost shockingly, there is not that much nudity in this movie. It focuses mainly on comedy and loads of blood and gore. There are some funny moments, like Johnny pimp slapping a bunch of zombies, a hockey rink named after John Romero, and a patron saying to a zombie “What the fuck are you looking at?” It's not exactly high-brow comedy, but its still good for a few chuckles. There is plenty of gory violence throughout, with most of the budget going to watery buckets of blood. The effects are slightly better than your average straight-to-DVD horror movie, with some effort put into anesthetics and makeup.

The story itself is pretty standard with noting new being brought to the table. Not much happens beyond strippers fighting zombies. The ending does scratch the surface of a good, depressing ending, but it's not treated as such by the characters, so what's the point? At least the zombies are the slow kind and not the sprinting kind that modern movies now use. All the ladies are very attractive, but their acting skills are less than stellar. I guess if they were going for “stupid stripper,” they all deserve awards, but I have a strong feeling that's not the case. 

Excuse me! That's my crotch you're rubbing against!

Zombies Zombies Zombies Strippers vs. Zombies does deliver what the title promises. It's a cheap horror comedy with some funny moments and plenty of cheap blood and guts. There's no mysteries when it comes to this movie, it's all in the title and cover. The story is simple and the acting is as fake as some of the stripper's body parts. If you're looking for a simple B-level horror movie, you could do far worse. You'll get a few laughs and see some zombies explode. Nothing wrong with that.


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