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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19: Dracula 2000

Dracula 2000
Presented by X-treme Doritos and Mountain Dew

Remember when the year 2000 sounded so far off and futuristic? Now in 2012, it feels like ancient history. There are no flying cars, no robots serving us, and meals don't in pill form. Lots of things in the mid 90's had “2000” thrown at the end of it, just like the word “Extreme” (or X-treme if they were being really extreme)

The movie stars Gerard Butler (300, Gamer) as Dracula, Christopher Plummer (Syriana, Malcolm X) as Matthew Van Helsing, and Justine Waddell (Great Expectations) as his daughter Mary. Thieves break into Van Helsing's vault and steal a silver coffin. Unwittingly, they release Dracula from the coffin and he turns the thieves into vampires as they make their way towards New Orleans. Meanwhile, Mary has vivid nightmares and visions of Dracula reaching out to her. It turns out she shares blood and a psychic link with Dracula. Van Helsing and his assistant Simon must get to Mary and kill Dracula for good. 

Perfect Strangers 2000

Dracula 2000 has a small nostalgic place in my heart. I remember seeing it in theaters with my dad. I don't know why, but I enjoyed the movie back then. It's fun to see some of the late 90's clothes and hair styles. It harkens back to a simpler time, before 9/11, the recession, and Justin Bieber. Maybe I'm getting crankier as I get older, but things were better then. At least, I like to pretend they were. Dracula 2000 revels in it's 90's awesomeness. A great soundtrack including Pantera, Monster Magnet, Slayer, and System of a Down makes me happy, but I'm not really sure if it helps the movie. Even Monster Magnet's video for their song Heads Explode makes a cameo (watch it here)

All that being said, when you step back and look at what happens in the story, it seems kind of silly. There are some gaping plot holes and too much focus is put on updating the story. Most of the acting comes off as over-the-top and cheesy, but in a fun way. Gerard Butler looks absolutely ridiculous as Dracula. Maybe its the hair. Or maybe it's his face. Dracula 2000 has some decent effects and fun bits of bloody violence.

Wow! Look at that ass!

Overall, Dracula 2000 is a fun vampire movie. Certainly not the best, but definitely not the worst. As long as you don't try to dissect every little thing, you'll have a good time. So-so acting and a weak script tend to drag the movie down at points, but some neck-biting and blood spurts are not far behind. The nostalgia factor for watching this movie is still high for me, but the shine has definitely worn off. Still, its a fun watch and worth your time.


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  1. Forgot about this one, not as good as From Dusk til Dawn. And my comment has less to do with the movie than with Gerald Butler roles. He played Attila the Hun, The Phantom of the Opera, Beowulf(made notable by the Grendel lovescene) and Dracula all before becoming famous as Leonidas. Kudos, tho I wonder now if he has any regrets about the cheesiness factor of some of these movies. But still, I say good for him because I've sat thru most of them, including the horrible ones with Katherine Heigal and Jennifer Aniston.