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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3: Creepshow 2

Creepshow 2
Creepshow 2: Electric Boogaloo

I had very high expectations for Creepshow 2. I finally saw the original Creepshow earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed myself. A screenplay writen by one of the godfathers of horror, George Romero based off of stories by Stephen King. How can you go wrong? Answer: You can't! Well, maybe now you can because Hollywood would want someone like Robert Pattinson or Shia Labeouf to star in it and M. Night Shyamalan to direct. Now THAT would be scary.

Creepshow 2 consists of 3 short stories and a series of connected, animated shorts that play between each of the stories. The stories are told by the Creep, played by makeup master Tom Savini. This is a bit confusing because the Creep appears in both live-action and animation. Savini doesn't do the voice of the Creep, so other than Romero having his buddy in the movie, what's the point? And why have a live-action Creep in the very beginning and very end of the movie, while the rest is animated? Seems kind of unnecessary to me. The animation is very similar to that of Heavy Metal fame, so perhaps they were trying to recapture some of that movie's magic. The animation is somewhat bizarre and just take a look at the Creep's chin. 

 Honestly, what does that look like to you?

Regardless, the first story is entitled “Old Chief Wood'nhead”. This is a thoroughly enjoyable supernatural revenge story that takes place near an Indian reservation. George Kennedy (Ed from The Naked Gun trilogy) does a fine job as the lovable general store owner who is wronged. It's kind of interesting since they had Leslie Neilsen in the first Creepshow. I know there's a third Creepshow and wonder if OJ Simpson has a role in it. That would complete the Naked Gun-Creepshow trilogy.

The second story “The Raft” sets 4 teenagers on a raft in the middle of a lake. They're slowly being picked off by some sort of oil-slick creature. The makeup and effects really come out in this story which really add to the overall fear. And thanks to the wonders of movie-making you still share in the terror that these teens are experiencing, in spite of all four teens being unlikable thanks in part to a creepy, almost successful sexual assault.

The final tale “The Hitchhiker” follows a yuppie woman who accidentally hits a hitchhiker and runs from the scene. The Hitchhiker follows the woman as she frantically tries to escape him and her responsibility. This is much like the first supernatural revenge story, but with roles slightly altered. It's still fun to watch the villain get what's coming to her, but it would have been nice to get a completely different story.

Both Creepshow movies are worth watching, but for different reasons. Creepshow had some real star power such as Leslie Nielsen, Ted Danson, Ed Harris, Adrienne Barbeau, and Hal Holbrook and gave you a real sense of fear and dread. Creepshow 2 definitely lacks in star power, and scares, but it's definitely more of a fun movie with a side of creepy. The nice thing is if you like your scary movies on the less scary side or if you like your scary movies funny, Creepshow 2 is definitely worth your time.


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